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Frequently Asked Questions

We can do the inspection within 12- 24 hours of receiving your call – and that includes weekends! However depending upon our workload, we might even be able to do it the same day.

That doesn’t matter as we will conduct your inspection on your behalf. We also specialize in helping international buyers purchasing in Australia.

Our Inspections start for as little as $200 for a Timber Pest Inspection and $300 for a Building Inspection but of course, it all depends on the size of the property! Why not take our bargain priced Combined Building and Pest Inspections and save yourself some money. You can either pay direct through PayPal or Visa/MasterCard. You can even pay our Inspector on the day of the inspection! Call 1300 662 101

Here is a brief summary of what you will find in our reports. Pre-Purchase Building Inspection – we will send you a full detailed report, complete with high density colour photographs of any defects we identify. The Internal Inspection will include all living areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets with special attention paid to skirting boards, architraves, brickwork, ceilings and all walls. We also carry out a thorough inspection of the roof cavity area including the condition of the roof frame and insulate. The External Inspection includes but is not limited to, walls condition, lintels, external stairs, garage roller doors, water heaters, weep holes, damp proofing and of course we make sure that there is an electrical safety switch located in the meter box. As well as climbing up on the roof to make sure all roof coverings and flashings are in good order. We also crawl under the floor space and check for damp, structural issues, decay, pest infestation or any other leakages to wet areas. Finally, we check out all external fences, outbuildings, driveways and ensure that surface drainage is efficient. Timber Pest Inspection – we complete intensive inspections in the roof cavity and subfloor areas for evidence of wood decay and high moisture readings which might indicate pest infestation. This inspection also includes but is not limited to external timber work, visible inside timber, wood cladding and outside joints. We also make a careful inspection of any wooden fencing or trees surrounding the property just in case termites have nested in the area.

We are covered with full indemnity insurance to $1,000,000, and public liability insurance to $5,000,000 for your piece of mind.

If it is a private sale, we will make arrangements through the vendor. However if it is another form of sale, we will contact the real estate agents and make arrangements with them to get access to the property. It only takes one call, and we will arrange the entire inspection on your behalf. Call 1300 662 101.

This all depends on the terms of the sales contract, and this is why we do recommend our Building Inspection before you signing any contract. However, most sale contracts will protect you if our Inspection reveals any “major structural defects” in the property.

We are sorry but you really do! Not many people realise that Termites only require a gap as small as 2mm to allow them to squeeze through and infest your property. Although you have a Concrete Slab base, the gaps could be through high external ground levels, damage mortar or cracked bricks, the weep holes and even drainage pipes. For the sake of a few of hundred dollars, we really do recommend that you order a Building and Pest Inspection from us, because any undetected infestation will cost many thousands more to repair than the cost of our inspection report.

All our inspectors have a minimum of 30 years in the building trade. Our Chief Inspector has lived in the Melbourne area all his life, and so he has in-depth knowledge as to the type and method of construction for houses in the area. Our inspectors are also highly trained in the use of state-of-the-art technology which are used extensively when undertaking an inspection. More important though, they are trained to interpret the data from this technology. Building Inspection Melbourne takes pride in ensuring that all our inspections are carried out in full accordance with all applicable Australian Standards. We also hold the appropriate Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances to back up this accreditation.