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Pre Purchase Building Inspections

pre purchase building inspections

Buying a property is a challenge, but with an

Experienced Building Inspector

it is easy and safe.

Did you know that about 40% of all properties are sold with deliberately hidden defects, some of which are major structural defect. Once the contract is signed, it is too late to go back to the vendor and complain about any defects you find after the event.

So, it is better to get a pre purchase building inspection conducted before you buy a property. This can help you avoid purchasing a building with major structural issues resulting in saving you major monetary and emotional distress down the track.

Pre Purchase Building Inspections are essential to:

  • Detect structural issues related to the building
  • Identify safety issues that may put your family at risk!
  • Establish rectification costs for defects found

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Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Overview

Below are a few of the details and areas that we cover on a typical Pre Purchase Building Inspection.

Under Building Inspection

This can be one of the most difficult areas to inspect! But don’t worry; we go deep down under the building looking for any signs of structural defects, wet rot decay and other possible indications including poor site drainage. Whilst there, we will: –

Make sure that there is plenty of effective subfloor ventilation, in case it needs upgrading.

Check for any safety hazards, such as loose or messy electrical wiring

Make sure that you have sufficient Termite Ant cappings

Look for excessive dampness, rising damp or any decay in timber stumps and building components.

Inside the Building

Most people make the mistake of thinking they can identify any defects by just a brief and cursory look around the inside of the building. What we are specifically looking for is tell-tale signs of cracks in the walls, water stains on the ceiling and possible uneven flooring. We also: –

Look for high moisture readings in the bathrooms and wet areas, which could indicate waterproofing defects.

Check the doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, integrated plumbing and fixtures.

Take further moisture readings on all the walls in the house, looking for further indications of dampness.

Ensure full checks are carried out in the bathroom, laundry and similar areas for damaged tiles, decay and any possible plumbing/waterproofing related defects.

Internal Roof Cavity

It is essential that the inspection of this area is carried out thoroughly. Normally, there is little lighting in the roof cavity and it is only with diligent inspection that any defects can be identified. So here we: –

Look for possible plumbing leaks and damaged electrical wiring

Check the integrity of the structural roof frame and ceiling insulation

Make sure that there are down-light fire protection covers

Look for any evidence of rodent access and identify that problem.

Roof Coverings

It is probably stating the obvious, but to correctly examine the roof, you need to climb up and crawl all over it! Not everyone does – but we do!

We want to see if there are any broken or loose roofing tiles, as well as ridge and valley tiles, and determine whether they need resealing or replacing.

We will check any corrugated iron sheets, to make sure they are firmly secured and in good condition.

We will ensure that all flashings, eaves and guttering are structurally safe and completely watertight.

We also make sure that flues and chimneys, as well as the flashings around them, are both functional and secure.


Having had a good look inside the property, we now need to look at the outside. This time, not only are we looking for possible rot and dampness but we are also looking for potential foundation failure. So our inspection includes: –

Close examination of all external brickwork to ensure that the walls are straight and show no signs of possible damage to the foundation.

We check for rotten weatherboards, windows, doors and posts which may require replacement.

We examine any external balustrades/handrails and satisfy ourselves that they don’t present a safety issue.

We carefully inspect the hot water heater and at the same time make sure that there is an electrical safety switch located in the meter box.

Examine the meter box to assure the correct safety switch is in place.

The site

We have almost finished our inspection but we still need to finally check the remaining items not located in or around the house. So here, we undertake a full external property check which includes: –

Confirming the condition of paths, driveways and steps and verifying that the fencing is secure and shows no sign of rot.

Assessing the condition and effectiveness of site drainage and surface water, since any failure would allow excess water to get in under the floors and contribute to rising damp.

Checking the structural condition and roof covering of any outhouses, garages or sheds and ensure that they are all watertight.

Finally, checking the worthiness of any retaining walls and identify whether there is any decay present which may need immediate attention.

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