DONT RISK IT. Be armed with an building report before you bid at Auction.

Pre Auctions Inspection

If you are going to the auction to bid for your dream house, are you really sure that you know what you are buying? Don’t risk it – our Building and Pest inspections in Melbourne will find out if there are any inherent defects in the building that the vendors did not emphasise in the sale contract.

Auction Reports
Half Price

We know you might be wary of paying for a Pre-Auction Report before you put in the bid, particularly as you may not win.

We understand this and so we guarantee that if you dont win the first auction and need a second inspection for another auction property, it will be half price.

Last Minute Service

We fully understand that it can be a last-minute decision to bid at auction and you may think it too late to have an inspection done on the property. This is not the case! We specialise in last-minute auction inspections.

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Building Industry Experts

You may have heard of the saying “it takes one to know one!” All our inspectors have been in the building industry for over 30 years and so we know all the ways builders can hide defects just to make sure a sale goes through.

Unbiased and Independent

We work only for YOU! We have absolutely no affiliations with real estate agents, builders or any other company. We will only recommend a trade when we have personal knowledge as to the standard of any contractors work.


When the hammer falls, it’s YOURS. It’s too late for a Pre-Auction Inspection!

What does this mean?

It is highly unusual for an auction contract to be made subject to a purchaser obtaining a satisfactory Building and Pest inspection after the auction! Any Building or Timber Pest damage that you may discover after your purchase will definitely not be covered by your insurance company. Insurance companies do not pay for any damage that existed before you bought the property! Our Pre-Auction Building and Pest Inspection reports will give you peace of mind before the auction.

Take advantage of our HALF PRICE Auction Building Inspection Guarantee

At Building Inspection Melbourne we find that some clients might initially think a Pre-auction report could be a waste of money, particularly if they were bidding on multiple auctions! When we tell them about our Half Price guarantee, they jump at the offer! All Pre-Auction inspections, come with a half price second inspection guaranteed!

Happy Auction Customers

Are you bidding at an auction this week? We specialise in last-minute Building Inspections for auctions! Call us now on 1300 662 101 and book your Inspection.

  • Your report really helped us determine our bidding price.
    Howard Stephens
  • Thanks for the last minute inspection you did for us.
    Sally Fisher