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Pre Sales Inspection

Selling a property can be one of the most stressful experiences you are ever likely to go through! Obviously, you want to get the best price possible for your property and so you don’t want potential buyers pointing out a string of structural defects, which would give them the opportunity to make an offer far below the price at which you hoped to sell.

What could be even worse is that you haven’t thoroughly looked at your home yourself – do you have Pest Infestation that you have never seen before? Is it possible it might have spread throughout the house without your knowledge?

At Building Inspection Melbourne, our Pre-Sales Inspection will put your mind at rest. We will undertake a full Building Inspection to verify the condition of both the internal and external structure of the building and point out to you any problems that could affect the sale of your house.

Be Fully Prepared

Termite & Pest Inspection

We will carry out a Termite and Pest Inspection, again both inside and outside the property. Using the latest state-of-the-art Thermal Imagery technology, we can effectively look through any wooden structure to see if it has been infiltrated by either Termites or other pests.

Fully Detailed Report

Our fully detailed reports, accompanied by high definition photographs, will show you any structural defects or other problems, as well as indications of any possible termite infestation. We will also make recommendations for any repairs that need to be carried out, so as not to affect the selling price of the property.

Get the Best Deal

Buyers of a property want to make the best deal they can and so do you, the vendor. Do not give buyers the opportunity to haggle over the selling price.

Our Pre-Sales Inspection will enable you to be fully prepared before negotiations commence. If you are unable to carry out any possible repairs prior to the sale, our report will give a true idea of what those repairs are and what they should cost. You will be able to show this report to potential buyers.

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