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Inspection Process


Step 1: BOOK

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We will contact the estate agent on your behalf and confirm the inspection appointment time.



We will look at the property from top to bottom, paying particular attention to all the hard-to-access areas and prepare our findings for incorporation within your report. Our Building and Pest Inspection reports will explain exactly what the Inspector was looking for during his inspection, and all defects will be fully documented and explained in plain English.


Step 4: REPORT

As soon as we have completed our inspection, we will phone you to give you the outline results. This will be followed with the delivery of your comprehensive report, sent to you by email the same day. NOTE: All our reports are forwarded the same day the inspection is conducted, so there is no waiting. The report will include detailed descriptions and photographs, noting all issues found. We would not hesitate to remind you that certain builders can make a lot of money by touching up homes to hide defects prior to the sale. As experienced and professional Building Inspectors, we are aware of all these tricks, and can therefore inform you whether any repairs have been undertaken by professionals or are just nasty cheap touch-ups.


Step 5: ADVICE

Should our inspection uncover anything of concern, our recommendations for any necessary repairs or remedial work will be included within the report. Each of our inspectors has been involved in the building industry for over 30 years and we also carry $1 million Professional Indemnity insurance.

NOTE: We strongly recommended and welcome another phone call once you receive your report, so we can further clarify our findings. Its critical you are clear on the issues found, and its much easier to be talking to the inspector whilst your reading through your delivered report.

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