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Pre Hand Over Building Inspection

Last Chance!

The long-awaited day is looming as you get ready to accept ownership of your brand-new home. But be careful – once you’ve handed over the final payment, you will suddenly find that any problems or imperfections that you have not seen before are no longer a priority to your builder. It is quite probable that you have had disagreements with the builder or their supervisor during the construction of your home. This could mean that certain parts of the workmanship may not be up to today’s acceptable standards.

REMEMBER - this is probably one of the most crucial investments you will make in your life and so you want to be sure there are no setbacks at the last minute.

Industry Professionals

Let Building Inspection Melbourne look after your interests and book us to carry out a Pre-handover Building Inspection. We will unearth any niggling little imperfections or substandard work that would not be seen by the inexperienced eye, until it was too late. We will provide you with a comprehensive, detailed report as to the exact condition of your building. If there are any signs of substandard work or defects, our report, along with high definition digital photographs, will enable you to have the builder and/or his tradesmen rectify them before you make the final payment.

You may have heard it before but – you know it make sense!